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Step 1

What is the total amount of your credit card debt?

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Step 2

Are you current on your credit card payments?

Step 3

What is the total amount of your monthly credit card payments?


Step 4

Are you typically making only the minimum payment on your cards?

Step 5

What is your total annual household income?


Step 6

Are you self-employed?

Step 7

Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past
7 years ?

Step 8

Do you have any past due income tax?

Step 9

Are you a homeowner?

Step 10

Have you lost your home to foreclosure in the last 5 years?

Step 11

Have you been late on your mortgage in the past 12 months?

Step 12

What is your existing mortgage balance?


Step 13

Do you have a 2nd mortgage or Home Equity Line?

Step 14

What is your second mortgage balance?


Step 15

What is the current value of your primary home?


Step 16

Do you have any student loans?

Step 17

How much do you owe on your student loans?


Step 18

Are you current on your student loans?

Step 19

What is your address?

Step 20

Your Basic Information


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